GRD-4 4ft x 3/8″ radial rod with clamp, Cu-clad

GRD-8 8ft x 5/8″ ground rod; Cu-clad (18 mil) do to high shipping costĀ  buy at your local box store

4HDBC 4 inch heavy duty brassĀ  ground clamp


A 5/8 Clamp 5/8″ heavy duty brass clamp ground rod , UL


G-C-1 Ground clamp, pipe, bronze .05″-1 in.


G-C-5 Ground clamp, pipe, zinc .05″-1 in.



1/4 BRAID 1/4″ Tinned Cu braid


1/2 BRAID 1/2″ Tinned Cu braid

$0..70 ft.

3/4 BRAID 3/4″ Tinned Cu braid

$1.60 ft.

1″ BRAID 1″ Tinned Cu braid

$2.50 ft.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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