The R.F Connection at the Timonium Hamfest

Cable Assemblies (Available in limited quantities)

50ft LDF1-50A with N Males attached, Factory new in box. Only 5 left in stock. Sold
  50ft FSJ1-50A with N males attached, Factory new in box. Only 5 left in stock. $90.00
  MCX Male Right Angle/2′-RG-179/BNCM ***Great for GPS*** *NEW* $5.00
  MCX Male Right Angle/8″-RG-188/MCX Male Right Angle *NEW* $5.00
  FMEF/6″-RG-58/MUHFM *NEW* $3.00
  NM/20″-141SR/SMAM Right Angle *NEW* $15.00
  SMBF Right Angle/8″-RG196/SMBF Right Angle *NEW* $5.00
  SMBF Right Angle/12″-RG196/SMBF Right Angle *NEW* $5.00
  SMBF Right Angle/18″-RG196/SMBF Right Angle *NEW* $5.00
  SMCF/11″-RG188/BNCM *NEW* $12.00
  TNCM to TNCM Jumper cables. Either RG-223/58/59, short lengths up to 12″ long. Some have right angle TNCM/Right Angle TNCM. *NEW* $5.00
  Western Electric Patch Bay Male on RG-59 with no end, various lengths. *NEW* $5.00
  SMB Female Right Angle/3″-RG196/Pigtail *NEW* $3.00
  SMB Female Right Angle/7″-RG196/Pigtail *NEW* $3.00
  1/4″ Male Stereo to two 1/4″ Mono Female *NEW* $1.00
  ADC PJ05IR M642/2-2 Mono Male/6′ cable/ADC PJ05IR M642/2-2 Mono Male. *NEW* $10.00
  SMBF Right Angle/2 1/2′-MiniRG59-75ohm/SMBF Right Angle *NEW* $8.00
  SMBF Right Angle/2′-RG196/TNCF Bulkhead *NEW* $5.00
  BANTAM Plug attached to 8ft 2-conductor dual shielded cable. *NEW* $5.00
  TNCF Bulkhead/6″-RG316/SMBF Right Angle *NEW* $5.00
  Switchcraft Dual BANTAM Plug/48″ cable/Dual BANTAM Plug *NEW* $6.00
  ADC 4-15189-0160 BANTAM Plug/8′ cable/BANTAM Plug *NEW* $6.00
  SMBF Right Angle/4′-RG188/SMBF Straight *NEW* $6.00
  SMBF Right Angle/4″-RG188/SMBF Right Angle *NEW* $4.00
  1/4″ Mono Right Angle Plug/5′-2 conductor cable *NEW* $1.00
  F Male/8″ – 12″ RG59/F Male Jumpers *NEW* $.25
  Belden 17409-S Electrical Power cord Cable with 3 18AWG conductors. *NEW* $5.00
  # MODAPT : Siemon Universal Modular Adapter with RJ45 Breakout and RJ45 Plug. *NEW* $10.00
  3M MTRJ/PC-MTRJ/PC 62.5/125 Duplex Patchcord. *NEW* $5.00
  SMAM RT Angle/15″-RG400/SMAM RT Angle *NEW* $5.00
  Amphenol P/N 95-668-44317 50 Ohm, TXL & TWB Amphenol obsolete cable assembly, more information please on this cable. *NEW* $3.00
  BNCM/20.5″-RG179B/MCX Plug Right Angle. *NEW* $5.00
  BNCM/20″-RG179B/MCX Plug. *NEW* $5.00
  Amphenol 240-3111-0003 BNCF/20″-RG58/BNCF style panel mount 50 Ohm. *NEW* $3.00
  7 foot pre-cut lengths of CSA LL96415 wire, 3 conductor, 18AWG Non-Shielded cable. *NEW* 10/$2.50
  1000 feet of RG-11 F11SSV from Commscope on reel. 75 Ohm cable, 60% braid, laminated aluminum tape, 40% braid, Velocity of Propagation is 85.0% Nominal impedance with white PVC Jacket. Price is for entire reel, not by foot. *NEW* SOLD
  6 Meter long FD6aastc STC/STC 62.5 Duplex PVC AMP Conn. *NEW* $5.00

Insulators (available in limited quantities)

Coorstm 5 1/4″ long insulator with 1/4″ holes on both sides. *NEW* $5.00
  R4150S3 1-3/4″ 1-1/2″ Round 5/16 – 18 x 1/2 STL Voltage Rating: 1500. *NEW* $6.00
  4200S6 2″ x 2″ Round 1/2 – 13 x 5/8 STL Voltage Rating: 2500. *NEW* $6.00
  14.5″ brown ceramic insulator with 7/16″ reinforced holes. Only 2 available. *NEW* $12.00
  14″ brown ceramic insulator with 7/16″ holes. Only 2 available. *NEW* $12.00

Connectors (available in limited quantities)

  Cellwave P/N 920261 3-inch flange connectors on each end, 22″ long, flexible, designed for towers, only 2 in stock. *NEW* SOLD
  Pomona MDP Dual Banana Plug. *USED* $1.25
  Trompeter LPM 50 Standard Coax Looping Plug. *NEW* $9.00
  Trompeter JSI-32 with 32 Trompeter TEI 14949 J8 connectors. *LIKE NEW* $160.00
  Trompeter JSI-64S with 64 Trompeter TEI 14949 J8 connectors (note that we have a few panels that are empty). *LIKE NEW* $320.00
  Trompeter JSI-96B/J8 with 96 Trompeter TEI 14949 J8 connectors. *LIKE NEW* $480.00
  Trompeter JSI-12 Patch Bay Panel, 19″ Empty. *LIKE NEW* $75.00
  Trompeter JSI-24L Patch Bay Panel, 19″ Empty. *LIKE NEW* $75.00
  Trompeter JSI-32 Patch Bay Panel, 19″ Empty. *LIKE NEW* $45.00
  Trompeter TEI 14949 PNM-2 TEE connector. *LIKE NEW* $13.00
  Trompeter 14949 PCM-18-50 Patch Cable. *LIKE NEW* $10.00
  Trompeter 14949 TPM-1-50 50ohm termination $5.00
  Trompeter 14949 ADM-2 BNCM/Patch adapter. *LIKE NEW* $5.00
Trompeter 14949 J8 Patch bay connector. *LIKE NEW* $5.00
  Unknown connector. 1 ground plus 12 conductors, please tell us what this is. *USED* $5.00
  Centronics Printer connector. * NEW* $3.00
  L-Com BAC836A-59 BNCM for RG-59. *NEW* $1.50
  Superior Modular Products AAF00 AXCESS SNAP INSERT F TYPE IVORY *NEW* $1.00
  PN 569983-1 AMP Netconnect Open Cabling Systems Insert Assembly, F Conn 110 Connect $5.00
  Amphenol P/N 240-0388-0003, Panel Mount, 50 Ohm Jack. *NEW* $1.00

Miscellaneous items (available in limited quantities)

Fan with Muffin, 12V DC power, .80Amp *NEW* $5.00
  Seimon S66M1-50 Category 5e block with standoff. *NEW* SOLD OUT
  TRIMM 079611 Patch Bay Assembly. *LIKE NEW* $75.00
  9 Leg OP Amp spacer or use for slingshot ammo. 1 bag of 900 pieces (approximate). *NEW* $5.00
  5/16″ wide, 1″ long Grey spacer with a 3/16″ hole. *NEW* 12/$1.00
  PlugLink 9950 by Asoka. This is plugged in a wall outlet, and allows you to run an ethernet connection through your electical wiring. For more information go to the Asoka website here. Installation software not included, only two pairs available. *NEW* $10.00/pair
  Sixnet SP-ETH-2 : Protects your Ethernet connection from surges, usable with 10baseT and 100BaseT Ethernet ports. *NEW* $15.00
  SSQ-115-21-S-D 30 position 2.54M Female Receptacle. Approximately 100 pcs. in the box. *NEW* SOLD
  10′ – Optical Cable Corporation BX02-070D-SLX-900 with Molex LC Loopback assembly (Multimode fiber optic) with pigtail. *NEW* $10.00
  Conec RJ45 Male/16.4ft – Unshielded Ethernet cable/RJ45 Male has waterproof connectors, easy to pull back and use as a normal Ethernet cable. *NEW* $3.00
  Class 2 Transformer. Input: 120V, AC 60Hz 34W, Output: 15V AC 1333mA, Motorola P/N 61905-01 Rev A. Has a Motorola 5 Pin Din on end of cable. If you wish another type, simply cut off and install your own. *LIKE NEW* $3.00
  Wall mount with 2 F Female barrels. *NEW* $1.00
  Aim A/B switch SPDT F females Connectors. *NEW* $1.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CP70B1FF605K1 6 uf 600VDC, made by General Electric, CAT 22.6. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CAT. 47F17G4 4 uf 1500VDC, made by General Electric. *USED* $15.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CAT. 47F48G4 4 uf 2000VDC, made by General Electric. *USED* $20.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CP70E1DF805X, 8 ufd 600VDC. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, AEROVOX 1009 M, CP70E1EG405V 4 MFD 1000VBC. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, S910-99-011-2344 DUBLIER NITROGOL CAPACITOR B1089 2-0 uf +/- 20% 350 VDC @ 70oC Made in England. 1 in stock. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CAT. 28F971 2/2 uf 2000VDC. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, SPRAGUE VITAMIN Q CAPACITOR 2X1-2000VDC P52504. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CP70E1FH106K 10.0 MF 1500V MICAMOLD. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, B 8B 1253 4 MFD. 600 VDC MICAMOLD, 1 in stock. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, SPRAGUE CP70E1EF106K 10 uf 600DC. *USED* $5.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CP55B1EG254K 25 MFD-1000 VDC C-D CW. *USED* $2.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CAT. 23F467 1 uf 600 VDC OR 330 VAC 60 CY with mounting bracket. *USED* $2.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, CP5481EG104K .1 MUF 1000VDC GENERAL ELECTRIC CAT 22F655M. *USED* $2.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, SPRAGUE CP55B1EG254K 25 – 1000 D.C. *USED* $2.00
  Oil-based Capacitor, SANGAMO MADE IN USA 2X1 MFD 1000 WVDC CP54B4EQ104Y. *USED* $2.00
  Capacitor, 330uf @ 63V. *NEW* 3/$1.00
  Capacitor, 220uf @ 63V. *NEW* 3/$1.00
  Capacitor, 0.22uFX2 AC275V. *NEW* 3/$1.00
  Capacitor, 2200 uF, 63V. *NEW* 3/$1.00
  Capacitor, 1200uF 63V. *NEW* $1.00
  Capacitor, 820 uF 25V. *NEW* $1.00
  Capacitor, 560 uF 16V. *NEW* 3/$1.00
  Capacitor, 470uF 50V. *NEW* 3/$1.00
  Capacitor, Mallory Type FP Made In USA 120 MFD 200 VDC. *USED* 3.00
  Capacitor, ElectroCube C1691-1 1.0MFD +/- 10% 500V 0106000150 815. *USED* 3.00
  Oil-Based Capacitor, CAW-481511-10 C 59559-1 P02 5 MFW 2500 VDC. *USED* 3.00
  Oil-Based Capacitor, 7246876 1 MFD AEROVOX 1500 VDC R11. *USED* 3.00
  Transformer, 0403000033 PRI (1-2) 115 V. 50/60 Hz, SEC (3-4) 115 V. RMS, 1.6 A. D. C. AVG FERRODYNE 7135, 1 in stock. *USED* $30.00
  19″ Width x 5 3/4″ Height Bird patch bay with 43 line section w/type N females, watt meter, AC outlet and more. *LIKE NEW* $250.00
  BIRD Electronic Corporation Model 4110 Wattmeter (AN/URM-182), with ruggedized case (original issue) that does not lock. Used condition, scratched window on wattmeter, BNCF to BNCF connectors. *USED* SOLD
  BIRD Electronic Corporation Model 4273-025 1.5-35 MHz RF coupling probes for spectrum analysis, RF signal observation on a scope, or frequency counting and control. *USED* $130.00
  3″ long 9-Volt Battery Clips. *NEW* $0.50
  15″ long 9-Volt Battery Clips. *NEW* $0.75
  Alligator Clips (black and red). *NEW* 4/$1.00
  Heathkit SB-610 Front Panel, 9-462-191 5 skirted knobs, 4 – Heathkit Gray rubber feet. SOLD
  Radio crystal, 52.2 MHz. *new* 3/$1.00
  Radio crystal, Crystal SMT, 16MHz, 100ppm, 18pF. *new* 5/$1.00
  Radio crystal, “9.00W”. *NEW* 5/$1.00
  Radio crystal, “49.95W”. *NEW* 5/$1.00
  low-voltage switch with 12 contacts. *NEW* $2.00
  Microwave Associates -20VDC Oven and Oscillator MA86673 Ser. 6283 12.13 – 12.77 GHz $20.00
  VMP FRM-166 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount – 26″ Mast with 1.66″ OD (FRM-166). *NEW* Sold
  Power Divider Model 406 5-500MHz. *NEW* $15.00
  Telewave Inc. Model T-2260, 5 in stock, tuned to 220.0625 MHz, 220.6625, 220.5125 MHz, 220.2125 MHz, 220.3625 MHz. *NEW* $20.00
  Hewlett-Packard 8432A Bandpass Filter 4-6GC Passband Loss <2.0 DB, DC to 3.5GC >50 DB, 6.5 GC to 20 GC > 45 DB. *NEW* Sold
  Velleman HAA40 fully sealed waterproof flash light with a long life Xenon tube. It has a 12 VDC/150mA power supply with a flash rate of 90 to 110.min, and its dimensions are 70 x 46mm. Good for alarm systems, discos, personal use, warning in case of danger, etc… Available colors are green, yellow, and blue. *NEW* Special order
  Velleman FLP 12″ X Ø 0.16″ Cold-Cathode Flourescent Bulb, available in clear, green, blue, and yellow. input voltage 12V, output voltage 180-800V, current consumption approx. 375mA, light dimensions: 2.40″ x 0.83″ (height: 0.59″). *NEW* $10.00
  Model V2000-R Flashing Safety Light-Reflector, with 3 different flash modes, including Hart flashing. It has 5 LED Bulbs and takes AAA batteries. Also comes with a mount you can attach this to a bicycle seatpost. Good for emergencies, lighting, or other necessary uses. *NEW* $1.00
  VRS100 100 watt Stereo Volume Control. List Price: $47.99, $10 dollars while they last. *NEW* Sold
  Power Pro Power Supply Model No. DA1222A-500 Input: 120VAC, 60Hz 35W. Output: 12VDC 3Amp. *New* . These unit must have a higher rating..they weigh 3 lbs …guess here min of 5 amps. $5.00
  2.2V miniature lamps from Eiko. Box has 10 miniature lamps. $5.00/10 pcs.
  120PSB lamps, 120V slide in lamps. $5.00/10 pcs.
  Tyco Electronics 1375317-1 Data Cable Stripper: Twisted Pair [UTP-STP] Multicore-shielded/unshielded Fiber Optic Cables $10.00
  GFCI MOD, FRAME, PLASTIC, 4 MOD, WHITE Series:CFG4. For use with fpber optic Audio/Video, STP and UTP. No. of Module Spaces:4, and RoHS Compliant $1.00
  ( 492703-1 ) ST Style Cable/Buffer Holder, LIGHTCRIMP Plus $4.00
  FiberOpticx Adapter Plate – SC – 6 Port Singlemode – Ceramic Sleeve from ComputerCableStore™. To accompany all SMP FiberOpticx enclosures, SMP developed snap-in fiber adapter plates that are versatile enough to meet any fiber application and durable enough to withstand field installations. All SMP fiber adapter plates guarantee performance parameters for the application specified and can be pre-loaded into SMP fiber cabinets for easy plug and play operability. $10.00
  FiberOpticx Adapter Plate – SC – 12 Port Singlemode – Ceramic Sleeve from ComputerCableStore™. To accompany all SMP FiberOpticx enclosures, SMP developed snap-in fiber adapter plates that are versatile enough to meet any fiber application and durable enough to withstand field installations. All SMP fiber adapter plates guarantee performance parameters for the application specified and can be pre-loaded into SMP fiber cabinets for easy plug and play operability. $15.00
  P403476H Edge Clamp $10.00
  CPGIW Single Gang Rectangular Cover Plate for Pan-Way Boxes $1.00
  AASTM05 Axcess Snap in ST SINGLEMODE Metal Insert $1.00
  Panduit Mini-Com 2 position stainless steel faceplate. $1.00
  Seicor 8 port plate $2.00

Prices subject to change without notice.