19001900 SSMA Male/SSMA Male Stainless $12.00
S19051905 SSMA Female/SSMA Female Stainless $12.00
S19030174 SSMA Male RG-174/316/100A Crimp $6.00
S19030174SS SSMA Male RG-174/316 Passivated SS316 Crimp $8.00
A19030178SS SSMA Male RG-178/196 Passivated SS316 Crimp $8.00
S19050174 SSMA Female RG-174/316/100A Crimp $6.00
S19050174SS SSMA Female RG-174/316 Passivated SS316 Crimp $8.00
S19050178SS SSMA Female RG-178/196 Passivated SS303 Crimp $8.00

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