HQ-1 BUDWIG glass epoxy dipole center Insulator with SO-239 $11.00  
HQ-2 BUDWIG ribbed glass epoxy end Insulator 3/16″ holes $1.50  
Ladder Grabber Ladder Grabber 450 center insulator 450 ohm ladder line ,SS hardware and 2 small end insulators $7.00  
Coax Grabber Coax Grabber RG-8/RG-58 center insulator, SS hardware and 2 small end insulators $7.00  
Plastic Dogbone 2 1/2″ white plastic dog bone Insulator 15/64″ holes $1.00 each  
DOB2 2 1/2″ Ceramic Insulator 13/64″ holes $1.50 each.  
LW-1 1 1/2″ dia. x 2 ¼” Porcelain Egg Insulator 1/2″ holes $2.00 each.


EndSulator 1”diax 5 ½” Shatter-proof black plastic,3/16” end holes, with wire track. $3.50 each  
EPG-1 2 3/4″ X 1 1/2″ Ribbed grey plastic Insulator 15/64″ holes Sold Out  
EGS1 1 1/4″ Green Ceramic Insulator 1/8′ holes $0.50 each.  
EWS1 1 1/2″ Small Ceramic Egg Insulator 3/8″ holes $1.25 each.  
BD-1 2″x 1 1/4″ Black Delrin Egg Insulator $1.00 each.  
TPE-X10B TPE-X10C X-TREME TAPE 1″W X 10’L SELF FUSING SILICONE TAPE AND INSULATION WRAP (click Spec Sheet) for weatherproofing connectors against the elements. $4.00 Black
$4.00 Clear
COAX SEAL 104 1/2″ W X3/32″ T X 60″ L SEALANT $3.00  
TV-TPE-BRDPUTTY-01 Red X-TREME Putty Silicone, pliable east to mold, fills gaps, water tight seal, 5.5 X .75MM, use on cable jacket repair, connectors, cover w/ X-TREME Tape $5.00  
3M-33 Plus 3M Scotch Super 33 Vinyl Electric Tape, Black 3/4″ wide and 66ft long roll. $5.25  

Prices subject to change without notice. Call for special purchase or used prices.

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