The R. F Connection is now an official Phillystran distributor!

The R. F. Connection is now an official stocking Phillystran distributor.  We have also set up a stocking distributor for direct shipments west of the Mississippi River so that you can receive your product in the fasted manner possible.  We stock guyed cables from HTPG-12001 to HTPG-11,220I as well as the thimbles, big grips, and end caps.  We also carry Nicro-press fitting tools for the smaller 12000I which does not use grips. The R.F. Connection is not responsible for any damages that may occur from improper installation of this product.

We will be happy to ship International.

Tower & Antenna Guying Systems

      Amateur Ham Radio Tower Guys       Antenna & Tower Insulating Sections       Commercial Broadcast Tower Guy for AM/FM/TV       Guy Wire Insulators
      Lashing Lines       Navigational Tower Guy Lines       Non-metallic Tower Guy Cables       Overhead Lines


Phillystran Products Available

Part Number Outer Diameter Steel Guy Wire
Equivalent Diameter
Strength Price per foot Wire Clip Size Weight per 100 feet
HPTG1200I 0.17″ 3/32″ 1200 lbs. 0.59 3/16 1.1
HPTG2100I 0.22″ 1/8″ 2100 lbs. 0.80 1/4 1.8
HPTG4000I 0.30″ 3/16″ 4000 lbs. 1.25 5/16 3.2
HPTG6700I 0.37″ 1/4″ 6700 lbs. 1.70 3/8 5.0
HPTG11200I 0.44″ 5/16″ 11200 lbs. 2.75 5/16 7.0
Guy Grip Cable Size Color Code Length (inches) Price Thimble-Heavy Galvanized Price End Cap Price
PLP2738 HPTG2100I Blue 31 $11.75 each 3/8” TH $1.85 each H165 $0.40
PLP2739 HPTG4000I Yellow 37.5 $15.90 each 7/16” TH $2.75 each H164 $0.40
PLP2755 HPTG6700I Red 45.5 $25.80 each ½” TH $3.75 each H162 $0.40
PLP2558 HPTG11200I Black 51.0 $27.50 each ½” TH $3.75 each H204 $0.40

Technical Specifications (PDF) 1, Technical Specifications (PDF) 2 NOTE: Please read the PDF manual in order to properly use this product!!!!

Other Phillystran Products

Part Number Description Price
1200ENDKIT 1-3/16THIM,4-3/16 Clips, 1-H166 4.50
5/32 NICO OVAL 5/32″ NICO OVAL CU SLEEVE for 1200I 1.00

Technical Specifications (PDF) NOTE: Please read the PDF manual in order to properly use this product!!!