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Phillystran Products CLOSE OUT  ** LIST OF IN STOCK PRODUCTS**:

Part Number Outer Diameter Steel Guy Wire
Equivalent Diameter
Strength Price per foot Wire Clip Size Weight per 100 feet
HPTG1200I 0.17″ 3/32″ 1200 lbs. SOLD OUT 3/16 1.1
HPTG2100I 0.22″ 1/8″ 2100 lbs. SOLD OUT 1/4 1.8
HPTG4000I 0.30″ 3/16″ 4000 lbs. SOLD OUT 5/16 3.2
HPTG6700I 0.37″ 1/4″ 6700 lbs. SOLD OUT 3/8 5.0
HPTG11200I 0.44″ 5/16″ 11200 lbs. SOLD OUT 5/16 7.0
Guy Grip Cable Size Color Code Length (inches) Price Thimble-Heavy Galvanized Price End Cap Price
PLP2738 HPTG2100I Blue 31 SOLD 3/8” TH H165 .40
PLP2739 HPTG4000I Yellow 37.5 SOLD SOLD H164 .40
PLP2755 HPTG6700I Red 45.5 ½” TH SOLD H162 .40
PLP2558 HPTG11200I Black 51.0 SOLD ½” TH SOLD H204 .40

Technical Specifications (PDF) 1, Technical Specifications (PDF) 2 NOTE: Please read the PDF manual in order to properly use this product!!!!

Other Phillystran Products

Part Number Description Price
1200ENDKIT 1-3/16THIM,4-3/16 Clips, 1-H166 4.50

Technical Specifications (PDF) NOTE: Please read the PDF manual in order to properly use this product!!!