Narda East Model 3222-16 NF directional coupler, or SMAF to dual NF configuration. 1-18 GHz 20W (Broadband). $75.00
Narda East Model 4013C-10 SMAF directional coupler. Model Number 4013C-10 Low Frequency (GHz) 2.0, High Frequency (GHz) 4.0, Coupling dB 10 +/- 1.25, Minimum Directivity (dB) 22, Insertion Loss: Coupled Power Excluded (dB) 0.20, True Insertion Loss (dB) 0.80, VSWR Maximum for Primary Line 1.15, VSWR Maximum for Secondary Line 1.15, Frequency Sensitivity (dB Max) +/- 0.75, Power Input (Watts) Max 50, Reflected Power (Avg.) in Watts Max 3, Peak Power (Kw) 3, Maximum Weight (gr) 18, Maximum Weight (oz) 0.6. $100.00
Norsal Directional Coupler, with SMAF 30DB tab and two SMAFs 40.00
Trak Industries circulator, two SMAF 2082201 40.00
Krytar Industries Model 2618S SMAF/SMAF/SMCM directional detector. 1.7-20.0 GHz, 16 +/- 1 DB, input power rating 20W, peak 3KW $138.00
Wiltron 660-D-9157A Frequency converter, Input 4610 – 6600MHz, output, 10 – 2000MHz 50.00
Unknown SMAM to SMAF, B1-22 In Alpha A2912-5-4-3-2. Please tell us what this is. 15.00

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