Image Part Number Range RF Power Connects to Antenna Connects to Equipment Price
  IS-50UX-C0 1.5-400 MHz 1.5-50MHz @2000W
50-220MHz @375W
220-400MHz @125W
SO239 SO239 $60.00
  IS-50UX-C1-MA 1.5-400 MHz 1.5-50MHz @2000W
50-220MHz @375W
220-400MHz @125W
PL259 SO239 $65.00
  IS-B50HU-C1 50-700 MHz DC BLOCKED 3 KW SO239 BULKHEAD SO239 $70.00
  IS-B50HU-C0 HF,VHF,UHF High Power HF


SO239 $72.00
  IS-50NX-C2 125-1000MHZ   375 WATTS N Female N Female $60.00
  IS-50NX-C1-ME 50-700 MHz 50-220MHz @375W
220-700MHz @125W
N Female N Male $60.00
IS-B50HN-C0 1.5-700 MHz   3 KW  

N Female Bulkhead


N Female $65.00
  IS-B50HN-C1 50-500 MHZ 500 WATTS N Female Bulkhead N Female $65.00

HF, VHF, Wi-Fi Lightning Protectors

Image Part Number Description and Freq. Connects to Antenna Connects to Equipment Price
  LSP-UHFBUM-2 PL-259 / 1000W – 600V Tube / So-239 Bulkhead Lightning Arrestor SO-239 PL-259 $20.00
  LSP-NFBNM-6  N Female Bulkhead/ 6 GHz / N male Lightning Protector N Female Bulkhead N Male $20.00
  LSP-SMRP-SFRPB Lightning Protector SMA Male RP / 6 GHz / SMA Female RP Bulkhead SMA M Reverse Polarity SMA F Reverse Polarity $20.00
  RFC34-11-FF-3 N Female / Lightning Arrestor -3 GHz -15 Watt /N Female Bulkhead N Female N Female Bulkhead $20.00
  Blitz Plug UHF F/M Pl-259 /1000 W HF / SO-239  Spark Gap Old style protection SO-239 PL-259 $3.00
  RFC34-11MF-3 N Male / Lightning Arrestor-3 GHz 15 Watt/ N Female Bulhkead N Male N Female Bulkhead $20.00
  RFC34-13-FF-1 BNC Female /  Lightning Arrestor-1 GHz / BNC Female BNC Male BNC Female $15.00
  F-SP-1 F Male / Surge Protector /F Female Inline F Male F Female $5.00
  DGXN5ME N Male / N Female  Poly-Phaser Clamps AT 6 volts 800-2.4 GHz N Male N Female $12.00
  APT-BDFDM-L WB Andrew 7/16din male / 7/16din female Arrester 806-960/1700-2170 MHz7/16 Din Mle 7/16 Din Male 7/16 Din Female $15..00
  CSIES-AA-LP Surge Protector 2.4 GHz , N MALE RP / N FEMALE RP N male RP N Female RP $10.00

Prices subject to change without notice.

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