Fits Bird and Coaxial Dynamics Wattmeters


All Adapters have Nickel Plated Body, Silver Pin, and Teflon Dielectric


Part Image Part Number Description Price
BRD-QCAK (SOLD OUT!!!!!) QC Universal AD Kit Adapter 12.00
BRD-QCBNCF QC BNC(F) Bird Style TSN 12.00
BRD-QCHNF QC HN(F) Bird Style TSN 25.00
BRD-QCLCF QC LC(F) Bird Style TSN 75.00
BRD-QCNF QC N(F) Bird Style TSN 12.00
BRD-QCUHFF QC UHF(F)(SO-239) Bird Style TSN 12.00
BRD-QC7/16DINF (SOLD OUT!!!!!) QC 7/76DIN(F) Bird Style TSN 75.00



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