Just a sample of the many connectors in stock!

F1PTM TNC Male for FSJ1-50A CALL
  F1PBM BNC Male for FSJ1-50A CALL
  F4PNR N Male Right Angle for FSJ4-50B CALL
  F4PDMV2-C 7/16 DIN Male for FSJ4-50B CALL
  44AW N Male for FHJ4-50B, 1/2 inch Old spiral cable and RX4 Radiax CALL
  L42P N Male for LDF2-50 cable Sold Out
  RFCL44P PL-259 UHF Male LDF4-50A, EC4-50, FLC12-50, LCF12-50J 27.00
  RFC44ASP FSJ4-50B UHF Male PL-259 2 Pcs Silver $20.00
Installation Instructions
  L4TNM-PS N Male LDF4-50A Ring Style , Andrew 25.00
  RFCL44U SO-239 UHF Female LDF4-50A, EC4-50, FLC12-50, LCF12-50J 27.00
  L44W and more N Male for 1/2 inch LDF4-50A cable, used condition , cut off’s 5.00
  L4PNM-RC N Male RingFlare™ for 1/2 in LDF4-50A cable CALL
  L4TNM-PS N Male Connectors for 1/2″ Heliax LDF4-50A CALL
  NM50V78M N Male EC5-50 , LDF5-50A 2 Pcs. , Eupen 35.00
  NM50V12 N Male EC4-50, LDF4-50A, 2 PC Silver 25.00
  L4PNM-H/USED N Male LDF4-50 AG/Hex Used , Andrew 5.00
  V5PNM-RPC N Male for VXL5 7/8 inch cable , SPECIAL, Andrew 25.00
  V5PNF N Female for 7/8 inch Heliax VXL5-50 cable , Andrew 25.00
  F1PNF-BH N Female 1 hole bulkhead for FSJ1-50A CALL
  F1PNF N Female for FSJ1-50A cable CALL
  41U SO-239 for FHJ1-50 and FSJ1-50A CALL


C41SNS SMA Female for FSJ1-50A cable CALL
  41ASNS SMA Female for HELIAX FSJ1-50A CALL







N Female 1/2″ Hardline , Cablewave , FLC12-50, LCF12-50J, LDF4-50A, EC4-50 Hardline , can be used as a bulkhead mount with 5/8 inch nuts, not included



N Male 1/2″ Hardline , Spinner , FLC12-50, LCF12-50J, LDF4-50A, EC4-50 Hardline








  NF50V12 N Female EC4-50, LDF4-50A , 2 PCs Silver , Eupen 25.00
  L45PNF/USED N Female LDF5 USED 25.00
  NF50V78M 7/8 inch N Female EC5-50 , LDF5-50A Connector Monoblock 35.00
  V5PDF-RPC 7/16 DIN Female for 7/8 inch Heliax VXL5 cable , Andrew 25.00
  61288 TESSCO 7/16 DIN female for 1-5/8″ Hardline 35.00
  RFN-1024-2H6 N Female for Andrew LDF7-50J, Cablewave FLC158-50J, Eupen 5438 35.00
  NF-50-A1 S.E.E. N Female for 1-5/8″ hardline CALL
  L7PNF N Female for LDF7-50A , USED 75.00
  SR5PNF N Female for 7/8″ Smooth Wall RADIAX Radiating Cable CALL
  NF50A-114 N Female for 7/8″ Hardline CALL

75 Ohm Connectors

41SN-70 N Female for FSJ1-75 75 ohm cable 25.00
  41ASCM F Male for for FSJ1-75 75 ohm cable Sold Out
  44ASW-70 N Male for Andrew FSJ4-75 1/2″ superflex CALL
  L44W-70 N Male for LDF4-75 75 ohm cable 27.00

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